This Way Out


This Way Out™ is a first person horror, dungeon crawler puzzle game where the player tries to navigate through the darkness for a Way Out.

The dungeon is the only weapon the player has where they can use all of its unique features from booby traps to insane mazes with the intention to outsmart, outrun and outlast the monsters that would not hesitate to cause harm.

The dungeon can either work for the player or turn against them, making it more important for the player to pay attention to his/her surroundings and understand the inner workings of the dungeon’s mechanism.

The main aim of the project is to create a game within 2 semester (28 weeks), as well as to build proficiency with C++.

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Platform: PC


Having the opportunity to work together with 2 very excellent game designers / programmers, as well as a very talented game designer / artist, we created a game within 2 semesters (28 weeks) using C++, together with DirectX11 and FMOD Ex for audio.

Mansur Bin Mohammad (Me) | Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design
LEE Jun Bin, Kenneth | Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design
LEONG Hui Wen | Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design
Mohammad Shahrul Nizam B S | Bachelor of Arts in Game Design


• Programming: Designed overall Game Engine Architecture (Entity-Component Based)
• Programming: Implemented a Vector based 3D Math Library
• Programming: Implemented First-Person Camera System
• Programming: Implemented 3D Shader-based graphics engine using DirectX11 and HLSL
• Programming: Implemented 3D Lighting (Blinn Phong / Point, Directional, Spot)
• Programming: Implemented Audio Engine using FMOD Ex
• Programming: Implemented GUI System